Aarons Contract Agreement

With respect to the FTC`s decision to approve the proposed approval agreement for public comments, Aaron`s has issued the following statement: Aaron`s, LLC, its parent company, divisions, subsidiaries and/or related companies (together “Aaron” or “us” or “we”), will provide you with website features and other products and services when you visit (1) on an Aaron website, including, but not exclusively, Aarons.com, Woodhavenusa.com, jobs.aarons.com, aaronsgives.com and tech.aarons.com, (2) Use Aaron`s products or services online, via an Aaron mobile app or other electronic medium, (3) use Aaron`s mobile apps, (4) electronically manage your account, make online payments, make electronic promotional offers, electronically enter contests and contests, manage supplies electronically, manage supplies electronically , ask for a service, (5) visit or make purchases. , contact customer service staff or (6) use the software we provide in conjunction with one of the above information (together “Aaron Services”). Aaron services are available to our customers. Please read these terms and conditions that govern your use of Aaron`s services. Aaron`s services will be offered to you based on your acceptance without changing the terms and indications. ATLANTA, February 21, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Aaron`s, Inc. (NYSE: AAN), an omnichannel leader in leasing solutions, today announced that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has approved a proposed agreement for future conditional purchases and sales of lease-to-sale contracts with other private companies. As previously announced, the company reached an agreement with FTC staff in August 2019 on the terms of the transaction. With today`s announcement by the FTC, the proposed approval agreement is now subject to a 30-day public statement, at the end of which the FTC will decide whether the proposed agreement should be definitively concluded. The purchase of all products and other items (individually, a “product” and together the “products”) by Aaron -Company, Inc.

(“Aaron”), including, but not limited to the purchase of products or services, either by written order, telephone, personal, e-mail, Aaron`s website, mobile website or other mode or means of ordering and/or purchase are subject to the conditions. The terms and conditions include a legal agreement between you (“customer,” “you” or “you”) and Aaron and are included by reference. A written copy of the conditions will be provided by Aaron at your request. Aaron can change terms and conditions at any time and from time to time. The placement of orders and/or purchases as a result of such a change is your unconditional consent to be bound by the amended conditions.

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