Aws Managed Services Agreement

In the event of a problem with your third-party suppliers and suppliers, any Media Temple communication must be coordinated by you. You also acknowledge and accept that Media Temple is not responsible for services or support provided by or from third parties or suppliers. Media Temple is not obligated to communicate with third parties. If this service is available, there may be an additional charge. The titles and titles of this agreement are motivated only by the simplicity and ease of reference and cannot be used in any way to interpret or interpret the agreement of the parties, as described differently in this agreement. Each federal state and any agreement in this Agreement is interpreted for all intents and purposes as a separate and independent agreement or agreement. If a competent court considers that a provision (or part of a provision) of that agreement is unlawful, invalid or otherwise unenforceable, the other provisions (or parts of provisions) of the agreement are affected and are deemed valid and enforceable to the extent permitted by law. The agreement is the exclusive and comprehensive agreement between you and Lightcrest regarding its purpose and replaces and replaces all previous agreements. Media Temple will give a first response to your request for support service within the time frames listed below. Emergency and emergency requests, as defined below, apply only to services equipped with surveillance alarms. A first reaction is not a guarantee of solution time. You must pay the fee for the services listed in the service order contracts or other agreements between us. You must provide Lightcrest with accurate information so that Lightcrest can determine the taxes due for the provision of services.

You must encrypt all PSIs transferred to Lightcrest`s infrastructure or Lightcrest infrastructure, including PSIs stored on servers and storage devices. You must comply with the laws applicable to your use of the services. You must work with Lightcrest to investigate security issues, alleged breaches of the agreement or service outages. (c) if you have been introduced to the Services by an Anchor chain partner, Anchor may, if necessary, disclose to the channel partner the details of the use of the Services and this Contract the amounts that Anchor must pay to the channel partner concerned, and to respect its agreement with that channel partner; These conditions are fully governed by New Hampshire state laws without the conflict of laws.

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