Broward County Mutual Aid Agreement

Progress was halted two years ago and municipal and departmental officials are at a standstill, with each side insisting on waiting for the other. In addition, some city officials said they were worried that they would end up subsidizing the city next door. But the transition was not easy. Cities and counties do not always work well together. Both parties dispute the reason for the delay and how to achieve it. Help would be automatic and frequent. At present, cities help each other in the event of major incidents, under so-called mutual assistance agreements. Mutual assistance was used during the last filming at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. Many towns in Broward have sent aid to the airport, DiBernardo said. Jefferson said distributors needed time to learn about the new countywide expedition.

He said the county was now waiting for fire chiefs and cities to approve a county-wide plan and for each city to enter into individual agreements with neighboring cities. The five still help each other, Ryan said, but with a less accurate system, after the county disabled the use of automatic vehicle locators for automatic help in 2014. “The county is not the obstacle to that goal,” Jefferson said. The consolidation of the 911 expedition, which two years ago merged a separate city-run expedition into a district-wide operation, was partially completed to achieve the desired response system that voters wanted the system closest to the unit. Only Coral Springs and Plantation remain outside the new circular system. Sunrise Mayor Mike Ryan said progress halted in 2014, when the county disconnected during a five-city test of the system. Hallandale Beach Mayor Joy Cooper said one of the problems was that the wording of the charter didn`t really require the county to have the system in place just to pay for the infrastructure, to “facilitate it.” Some cities have neighbourhood agreements to cross borders, but the district-wide “next unitary reaction,” which has been a goal for more than 14 years, has still not been achieved. The county`s deputy administrator, Alphonso Jefferson, said the county had spent immeasurable millions to buy equipment to meet the requirement and tried to keep the cities up to the finish line. Ryan said a county plan shouldn`t be necessary, and he`s been insisting for two years that it be passed in pieces, as the internal emails show. “The county has invested millions of dollars to do this,” Jefferson said. “If there is a will, let`s do it.” A recent evaluation of the county`s 911-Dispatching by external consultant Fitch and Associates stated that the system was able to implement an automatic assistance system. An amendment to the 2002 district charter required the county to “fund communications infrastructure …

[which] is intended to facilitate the response of the nearest unit to the deadly emergencies. But Broward fire chiefs, some city mayors and senior district officials say it`s time to overcome obstacles and put in place the system that voters overwhelmingly approved in 2002.

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