Market Participant Agreement

The trading model contains information that is used to identify assets, to account for ownership of assets and for representative operators. It also defines all sites where prices are set and used for commercial transactions in miso markets. They are required to complete online sections and submit legal documents based on proposed market activities. The nature of the market activities you identify during the application process determines your rights and obligations in the tariff, so please read the instructions carefully. Type I DRRs are typically client programs such as industrial switchable load programs, controlled application programs and other load reduction programs that can bring a certain amount of energy or emergency reserve to the miso market by physical load interruption. Market participants can add or transfer a commercial price node to introduce the type of Type I DRR to the market. SER Type I is capable of providing a reserve of regulation, but no energy or emergency reserve, by storing and unloading electrical energy in the short term. Market participants can add or transfer a commercial price node to represent type I service in the market. Farms operated exclusively with an honesty box cannot apply; Market operators must be present during the operating hours specified in the participation agreement (FMC-8). Immediately notify all non-participating food suppliers eligible for the coupon on the program, register eligible suppliers who wish to participate in the program, and, in accordance with Part I, #14 and the market participation agreement, offer a quick claim process for any eligible supplier whose application for registration for the program is rejected by the market. Submit a participation agreement (FMC-8) for each market day each year.

Type II DRR is usually behind meter generators or high-control charging processes capable of receiving electronic delivery instructions to provide a number of energy and/or operating reserves. Market participants can add or transfer a commercial price node to bring type II DRR to market.

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