Blind Trust Agreement Form

First, the idea of putting assets in a trust and then giving up all knowledge and control of those assets may seem crazy. But in some situations, this arrangement makes sense. In this article, we will discuss why someone wants to establish a blind position of trust and how to do it. For any entity in which the controlled holder disposes of shares or bonds of a fair value equal to or greater than US$5,000 on or before the date of the publication form, but with the exception of funds managed by a third party, including blind trusts, managed investment accounts and investment funds: (i) the name of the entity; and (ii) a brief description of the nature of the activity or activity carried out by the enterprise. Utah Code Ann. § 20A-11-1604. Blind trust. A trust established by or for the benefit of an insured person or a member of the insured person`s direct family for the transfer of any control and knowledge of assets. .

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