Dod Support Agreement Manager Training

Model Memorandum Directive (DTM) 10-015 “Requirements for Life Cycle Management and Product Support” contains detailed doD implementation guidelines regarding roles, responsibilities, qualifications and position requirements. In addition, 10 U.S.C§ 1706. Government Performance of Certain Acquisition Functions states: “The objective of the Ministry of Defence and each of the military services is to ensure that, for each major defence acquisition and automated information system programme, each of the following positions is held by a suitably qualified member of the armed forces or a full-time employee of the Ministry of Defence. (7) Lead Product Support Manager Program. » Overview: Section 805 of the FY10 NDAA (P.L. (111-84) entitled “Life-cycle management and product support” notably stated that “the Minister of Defence requires that any major weapons system be supported by a Product Support Manager (MSP)”. Public Law 112-239, Section 823 of the FY13 NDAA entitled Codification and Amendment Relating to Life-Cycle Management and Product Support Requirements, as later amended, Chapter 137 of Title 10, United States Code (as amended by Section 331), officially codifies in 10 U.S.C. § 2337 the “Life-Cycle Management and Product Support Requirements” for the PSM (including the legal responsibilities of the PSM), and replaced Sec 805 with P.L. 111-84. for more information on the rules relating to DS and service MSPs, Policies, instructions, tools, training, recognition and workshops are also available at the following links: Although DTM 10-015 was officially cancelled in November 2013 because it contained directives and guidelines for DoD Instruction 5000.66 and other references for the acquisition of defence agents, links to this are kept on this website as historical artifacts. DoD 5000.02 (including Appendix 6) contains detailed information about PSM`s responsibilities, as well as the Guidebook doD Product Support Manager. .

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