Mbie Outcome Agreement

Use this variation model to make agreed changes to the (integrated) result agreement for variations concerning a single purchasing agency and the supplier. Default terms and conditions of sale, based on the internet, to support result agreements between government authorities (purchasing agencies) and NGOs (suppliers). Use the Decision Making Tool (DST) for a consistent and robust approach to identifying and managing risks when planning an outcome agreement with an NGO. Government authorities can now use the new models and must use them from 1 June 2020 for all new eligible low-value, low-risk contracts. These draft contracts are not intended for construction, ICT or social services contracts, as they generally do not present a lower risk or value. If you have any questions about tips or new templates, please email procurement@mbie.govt.nz. The framework is results-oriented and allows government authorities to measure in more detail the effectiveness of mandated NGO providers. Agency staff should also be able to use the new framework to more accurately assess the risks, the type of contract and the approach to the day-to-day management of its agreements, while reducing duplication in contract management activities such as audit, monitoring and reporting. By implementing a consistent approach to contracting procedures, employees moving from government agencies familiar with the contracting framework should be able to re-apply this knowledge regardless of their role or department.

You can use our employment contract builder to create an employment contract for your employees that meets the requirements of your organization. Visit our Employment Contract Creator (Link leaves this page) for sample clauses of things you must include in employment contracts and clauses of examples of things that you should or could include in an employment contract. Functional example of a management plan for short-result agreements It can only take 20 minutes to create an agreement based on the number of clauses you want to use. Once you have completed all the steps, you can print the agreement or save it to your computer. Each employee must have a written employment contract. It can be either an individual agreement or a collective agreement. All employers must keep a copy of each employee`s employment contract. Contract management tool for the operational management of the result agreement. Optional, but highly recommended for the management of higher quality, longer-term or more complex agreements, such as outcome agreements with multiple funders or service lines. Use this variation model to make agreed changes to the (bilateral) outcome agreement. Government contract templates will be updated to ensure they are up to date with current procurement rules and new elements, such as broader outcomes. Draft treaties on government models have been updated.

Thank you to everyone who submitted contributions. There were a number of comments on the health, safety and security clauses contained in the models. For some, it was a question of rebalancing the clause to better reflect the legal obligations between the parties. .

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