Service Agreement In Bahasa Malaysia

NO ACCESS TO EMERGENCY SERVICES: There are important differences between our services and your mobile phone and a landline and SMS services. Our services do not have access to rescue services or emergency service providers, including police, firefighters or hospitals, nor do they connect to emergency centres for public safety. You must ensure that you can contact your relevant emergency service providers via a mobile phone, landline or any other service. All our Malay translators are certified either by ITBM or by ppM/MTA, organizations that regulate Malay translations. We currently have over 400 native Malaysian translators working with us and are available quickly. Each linguist has their own specializations such as marketing, IT, law, finance/banking, travel and hospitality, security, health, and fitness. As a rule, we use a translator and a publisher for all the content processed. This allows us to offer a quality Malaysian translation service, suitable for companies, businesses, NGOs and institutes. Academic transcripts, under oath, birth certificates, medical consent, concubine agreement, curriculum vitae, diplomas, divorce decrees, driver`s license, work applications, work certificates, identity cards, disability certificates, applications, immigration, (NAATI), marriage certificates, non-certificates of disability, No claim certificates, passports, personal letters, police crbs, power of attorney, purchase contract, CURRICULUM, Powers of attorney and legal statements.

Our Malay translation services include: administrative documents, arbitration agreement, articles of association, business case, contracts, copyright, acquisition contracts, trust, employment contract, general liability, human resources, claims release, indemnification agreement, independent contractor agreement, insurance documents, joint venture agreement, loan agreements, confidentiality agreement, partnership contract, I. T service contract, decla Intent ration, LLC corporate agreement, marketing materials, mortgage brokerage documents, sales contracts, non-competition, patents, powers, privacy policy, debt, asset sale, asset sale, asset sale, termination deed, terms and conditions, terms of use and guarantee instruments. . . .

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