Sssbc Agreement 5 Of 2002

Article 3 of the second circular annuls and replaces the circular of 31 May 2002. Article 12 provides that the circular is to be implemented with immediate effect, but that it provides for an additional period for the introduction of the eight-hour shiftwork system adapted until 1 September 2005. In this context, it is reported that a special meeting of the SSSBC was held on 26 July 2005, in which POPCRU and representatives of the SAPS management participated, but not sapU. POPCRU considered that SAPS had amended Agreement 5/2002 without following the appropriate SSSBC procedures and without consulting the workers. Management considered that it had not amended Agreement 5/2002, but had acted on it. Management also agreed to hold workshops, both provincial and territorial, to organize discussions on the implementation of the adapted eight-hour team. POPCRU has incurred its intention not to commit itself unless the circular of 29 June 2005 has been withdrawn. . . .

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