All kidding aside, the role of master of ceremonies is one I take very seriously. The primary role of your MC is to ensure your event goes as planned – staying on schedule with smooth transitions that are event appropriate.

A master of ceremonies is NOT a standup-wannabe; the guy in your office who tells jokes (that everyone has already heard); someone with a microphone in one hand and a drink in the other. If you know any these people just say, “no thank you.” Nothing will ruin an event faster and leave the audience squirming in their seats than inappropriate language; bad transitions and jokes that are in poor taste and judgment.

You get professional, clean and entertaining MC-ing that is appropriate to the entire audience; Construction of, and strict adherence to, the Event’s Agenda; Research Interviews (including Dignitaries, Guests of Honour, Recipients); Customized Introductions and Closing Remarks

OR, for those who prefer to do it themselves:
Assistance in Script Preparation (including Roasts or Toasts); Personal Coaching (for Primary MC only); Review and Refinement of existing agenda and speeches; Customized Introductions and Closing Remarks.

The role of “Master” of Ceremonies should be performed by someone who has lived up to the name. Contact me for a free consultation.

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