Taking it from the Paper to the Podium

Individual critique of drafted compositions, speeches and presentations. A detailed observation and suggested recommendations for enhanced writing and presentation skills. Learn the techniques that are crucial for any presenter or speaker. Dynamic Openings, Memorable Closes and all the stories in between.

A good coach isn’t simply going to show you how to be like them. You never want to be exactly like someone else. You will either be busted for plagiarism or be called out as a ‘hack’ – in either instance, loosing all credibility. You need someone who can help you showcase your own style; bring out the surprise, or the subtleties. Content is crucial but delivery is what will separate you from the others. You stand out from the crowd when you present your stories in your style. A coach will help you draw out the answers or stories, that are already in you. You may not need a coach to tell you what to say. But, you many need a coach to tell you how you can say it (or not to say it at all).

This service is offered as either a periodic retainer or on a project-by-project basis.

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