Everything I Needed to Know about Effective Communication (and increased productivity) I Learned from Improv Comedy
When was the last time you were told to “stop thinking soo hard and have more fun?” What if this instruction increased your productivity; fine-tuned your communication/listening skills and gave you more energy to live life more fully? And, you got to laugh the entire time! Through some creative and energizing games, (with very little effort on your part) you are guaranteed to leave with skills for a richer relationships; prolonged productivity and laugh-filled living. The most fun you’ll ever have with the lights on so bring your enthusiasm and leave your inhibitions. Caution: You’re actually going learn something through all that laughter.

Start With The Truth Not With A Joke
Your audience will form an opinion of you in less then ten seconds. Revealed are the dangers of using material other than your own. Discover how much easier it is to uncover the humour in your own material as opposed to just dropping in a joke that everyone probably already knows. What is it you want them to remember- somebody else’s joke or your message?

Have A Seat-This Is Not StandUp
Explore the different humour elements, environments, styles and techniques so you can develop and present your own material. Simple techniques that you can apply to your writing whether it be a humorous speech; group facilitation or a technical presentation at work. Humour relaxes your audience and gets them ready to hear your message. It’s not about jokes. It’s about connecting.

Connect Reflect Direct
Presentation skills and techniques that are crucial for any presenter or speaker. Dynamic Openings, Memorable Closes and all the stories in between. Techniques that will grab your audience, keep them focused on your message and leave them wanting a return engagement. What is it that you want your audience to think, feel or act differently? Make the connection and your message will be heard (and remembered).

Worth The Look
Bulletins to Books. Newsletters to News Worthy. Ensure that your messages are going to be read. Adapt the tips and techniques that get you noticed- in a good way. Whether simple ads or multi-page documents, explore professional and eye-catching ideas from Formatting to Fonts. From Clipart to Fine Art.

From Paper To Podium
A no-holds-barred critique of drafted compositions, speeches and presentations. For anyone who is serious about their facts and their funnies. A detailed observation and concrete recommendations for enhanced writing and presentation skills.

Presentation One
Presentation Two
Game Host

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