“Hey Palmo, I’m not made of money. The economy isn’t what it used to be. I know you would be perfect for our group, but we ain’t got no budget for one of them thar high-faluttin keynotes you do for hundreds of people. We’s jus simple folks.”

Lunch & Learn.  Stress Buster.  Laughternoon.  Mid-day Mayhem.  In-house Improv.
Call it what you like, but it’s only 20-30 minutes in your own office or workspace and very low maintenance. No projectors. No setting up chairs. No scafolding or pyrotechnics. Consider bringing a bag lunch to your own boardroom. Maybe the company springs for a sandwich or veggie platter and a few cans of pop or some of those fancy bottled water. You’ve already paid for this month’s rent, utility and electricity – might as well use the room. Very little (or no) preparation on your part. And I just arrive in comfortable pants and matching socks. Don’t think of the possibilities. Think of the simplicity. The only thing you have to remember is to write the cheque (and I’ll remind you of that).

Let’s get creative, shall we.
I have a number written down on this paper… but I have been known to be tricked.
Oh sure, there’s no way that I could take poultry or any other small farm animals in exchange for an event. When my Utility provider starts taking them, I’ll start taking them.
Maybe you have more “travel reward points” than you can ever use?
Maybe you have audio/video equipment that would supply some raw footage for future promotional ventures or would allow for live audience feedback?
Maybe you want to invite other neighbours and split the tab?
Maybe you know people who DO have money or budgets for people like me?
Maybe you know “just the right person” who has an upcoming event?
Maybe you are part of a society or some larger entity that has an annual conference?
Maybe I’m already in the province or state and the travel has already been taken care of?
Maybe you have a time share in Italy…

I’m just saying, just because you can’t go big (right now) does NOT mean you have to go home (or back to work). Let’s talk.

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