Why does everyone think that humor is the best way to connect with an audience making them sit up and listen?

Because It’s True – and Palmo epitomizes this truth. Not only is it blatantly apparent in his own unique presentation style but he also teaches how anyone can use simple tips for creating more effective communication. Whoever the speaker, whoever their audience, anyone can learn these skills.

Starting off with a small improv group in the early 1980’s, Palmo has entertained audiences with stand-up comedy at Yuk Yuks, The Sidetrack, Punchlines,
The Comedy House, and numerous open mic gigs that include Las Vegas and New York. He is a Past President, Club Mentor and Founding Member of  “Wit Pleasure” – Calgary’s first Advanced Toastmasters Club with a focus on Humour.

His accomplishments are all in the numbers:
68 competitions
54 wins
57 speeches
3 kids
1 wife
2 arrests
0 convictions.

He has been slapped with Restraining Orders by some of the biggest names in the comedy. When not embarrassing his kids in public or paying for therapy, Palmo is …
NOPE. That’s pretty much all he does, really.

You can also find him behind a computer screen- he is a Production Artist for Rock Paper Scissors Design & Advertising- the corporate marketing division of Cardel Homes in Calgary, Alberta Canada.

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